Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Self-appraisal for self-assurance

In life, there will be many occasions when one is faced with the prospect of crossroads and then one wonders as to which direction to choose. Because the direction touted by practicality, common sense, will not be the one the heart wants. That is when one most needs a strong punch of reassurance. Choices, decisions are never easy to make; because every choice/decision will have some consequences which could be both beneficial or otherwise. But when the choice/decision is finally made, one need to stick to it and never try to apportion blame to others.
I took a decision, on what some might have called a turning point in life, and chose to listen to my heart. 9 out of 10 people would judge my decision as the worst, especially given the circumstances. It could lead to disastrous results, but there is an equal chance that it could turn out well for me, don't know . . . . So, the fact remains that i chose and i firmly stand by it. If anything goes wrong, i'm solely to blame, and no one else, and i'm extremely sorry for having caused even the smallest bit of pain to those close to me.
I want certain things in my life, but there are no neon signs to indicate whether those things will be good or not. But i'm certain it is not atyagraham or ahangaram. Still, the uncontrollable mind desires and imagines as if constant mental visualizations would make things real.
As the saying goes in Hindi ... sabr ka fal meetha hota hai and i wait and i wait. . . . and there is strange sort of calmness in me
After all, there is One up above Who is witness to all this, and Who definitely knows how things will turn . . . . So dekhte hain kya hota hai . . . .


  1. dat was a worthy read..itz always wiser to listen to the inner voice (heart) n act accordingly.. :)
    Thanx 4 dropping by.. :)

  2. :)but i sincerely hope the inner voice is sensible. but then again .. so what sometimes one is impractical..it will be fun .. once in a while one must break conventions, specially when they r not likely to harm anyone !

  3. :D...absolutely..i totally agree with u here!!!!
    and also to the above comment by the gypsies, but does it not take a lot of courage for practical 'group' 2 break away from the conventions, even though its fun!! isn't it so???