Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raavan -- The Post Show Ruminations

Lush green and wet landscapes, scary waterfalls, slippery rocks, dry forests, Vikram, Karthik, Prabhu, Priyamani -- this is what Ravanan has to offer. Apart from this the movie is just about rescuing a female from a goonda, to put it simply and crudely. Prithviraj is bearable (maintaining a static expression he cultivated for Puthiya Mugham and Robinnhood) while Aishwarya fails to register any kind of impression, either in acting or in dancing. Also,the pair seems to have little chemistry, with Prithviraj most of the time looking bored with Aishwarya prancing around. Priyamani,for the few seconds that she appears, leaves a strong impact (wouldn't she have been a better Ragini?) Even songs are a bit of a dampener, except for the title track -- Veera. The ARR magic has long been lost, and every time a supposed ARR song is released one is left craving for the bygone 'rosier' days.
In spite of all these glitches, the movie must be seen for Vikram, and the wonderful play of emotions enlivened on his face. Terror, camaraderie, love, desire --- all find adequate and effective expression in Vikram, and proves his calibre as an actor, rather than a star. Reports claim that he is equally good as S.P.Dev in the Hindi edition. However,it is doubtful whether AB junior could do proportionate justice to the role -- the difference is felt even in the posters !
Verdict -- 3 stars out of 5. No regrets in having missed is at cinemax. And Vikram ..... veera veera veera veera .... :)


  1. If big B saw this he would say that you had a tie up with the editor of the movie..
    He calls his sons lack of wonderful performance,as the editors lack of knowledge in pulling up the shots on to the screen with all its basic rules..
    He supposedly said that the editor did not do justice to his work, as the very "realistic" expressions on mr bachchan juniors face wasnt given prominence in the editors work..
    Some thg like the editor white washed his expression i guess.

  2. Editor must have got so bored of his 'un'realistic expressions he must have dozed off wen the 'realistic' expressions finally surfaced. anyways, eevn the director would agree that Ab junior is no match 4 chiyan vikaram !