Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back again with a bang !

Team Harihar Nagar seems to get better with every sequel, and as always leaves the audience in stitches. In Ghost House Inn is hundred times better and more hilarious than its predecessor. Though the storyline draws more than inspiration from some Hollywood flicks, there is something strikingly original and fresh in the execution of Ghost House Inn.
The coolsome foursome get together again, this time to make good use of the treasure they had acquired or rather preserved from the evil clutches of John Honai. Thomaskutti, who is now the sole possesor of this wealth plans to invest it in a mansion which he wishes to convert into a resort;and his buddies are only willing to chip in. After some initial glitches, with a resolute denial of any kind of superstitious intereferences, Mahadevan and gang (with family) set out to de-haunt the mansion off the ghosts of two lovers eliminated by the vengeful Dorothy madama. Things don't start well for the friends and finally they have to seek the help of Father Dominique who had already warned them of dire consequences, if they prolonged their stay in the cursed mansion. The denouement is loaded with surprises and the events are at times a bit spooky and equally hilarious.
The star cast is more or less the same from Part 2, with Nedumudi Venu (no Honais this time; though Lakshmi Rai appears for a song with some groovy moves !) and a few others like Harisree Asokan joining the bandwagon. Jagadish is at his comic best, and adds a new, all encompassing word to the dictionary, that can be used in any context -- "vithrumbichirkkuka". Sparkling dialogues, a few picteresque locales, heavy beat songs, and side-splitting comedy prove to be ample compensation for whatever flaws the plot might have.
The movie ends on a happy note, with Thomaskutty's anxieties about future finally at rest and the friends taking a pleasure break,till another mystery or adventure comes calling. In short, Lal, as always, provides a wonderful, clean, stress-free movie that makes one laugh one's heart out. Hats off to Lal and the whole crew, with the hope that there will soon be another Nagar or Inn, as the case may be ! Till the next instalment, let's go ... "o ramborambo .... !

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