Tuesday, September 15, 2009

??????? confusion more confounded

one doesn't know how many feel this way, but sometimes (mostly, that is) one gets fed up with what one is doing, with no apparent reason. and then one wonders, is it alright to feel so? well, what one feels -- in plain terms -- is sheer laziness ! what wouldn't one give to simply sit and read lots and lots and lots and lots of story books, play some games and sleep. well,it is unfortunate that this sort of indulgence will not get one anywhere in terms of life chances. sad, very sad.


  1. quite true...but it's good to take a leave from work once in a while to finish reading a thriller you cant put down...:-)

  2. true postmodern gypsy, very true.......i always dream of such a life situation that it is so impossible that once you r in the race there is no looking back....like a lighted gun powder
    at least a lazy mind where u don't have to think about anything......