Wednesday, July 8, 2009

about love and hate...

As the saying goes...there is just a thin line dividing love and hate. sometimes the two are so close so as to feel like an extension of the other. There are times of my life when as an individual, I have been rather snooty about sharing myself, knowledge, happiness and physical presence with others who I felt were beneath me. Going back to those days I do feel amused by the cockiness and the presumption I displayed. But often these are the people who are genuine in their likes and their overtures emanate from a true desire for company. But now looking back I rue the lost chance of making wonderful friends sooner. Better late than never. This post is for many others like me who thought the people around them were uncool and not worth befriending. our life is only as long the breath we take..that breath to the next is a long time..let's not clog it with hate, pride or cold shoulders. Encompass all in your happiness and don't expect anything in return...In a while, you will be the happiest person on Earth!!! Enjoy

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