Monday, May 25, 2009

cheaply seeing my little world

Setting out to discover what was anyway mine
Today, I thought... there are tour packages available to travel the world but what about the little district that iI have lived in for the last 25 years of my life? So armed with a mobile phone cum camera and just 100 rupees (not more than 3 dollars) my ultimate buddy and I boarded the local bus.. Ananthapuri KSRTC and set off.
What I saw was an anthropological revelation. In a Town renowned for its poker- stuck -up- the- ass- attitude , the stretch from All Saints' College to Puthenthope near the beach was a refreshing sight. vast tracts of uninhabited land...interspersed with lavish houses that were painted in some atrocious colours..churches every few metres... the land was definitely quite under the baking sun but it crackled with life as though waiting to tell  story to anyone who would listen. we listened and enjoyed. there were soapbox junctions too. The people were lively and brightly dressed as though making up for the rather bland colour scheme of the country. During this journey that lasted an hour, we realised a depth of jaded silence in ourselves that is soothed by the murmer of the sea that lies just beyond. Beyond the city lies a world lying  in wait for you...Go discover it and yourself. It just cost us Rs-28/-

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