Tuesday, September 15, 2009

??????? confusion more confounded

one doesn't know how many feel this way, but sometimes (mostly, that is) one gets fed up with what one is doing, with no apparent reason. and then one wonders, is it alright to feel so? well, what one feels -- in plain terms -- is sheer laziness ! what wouldn't one give to simply sit and read lots and lots and lots and lots of story books, play some games and sleep. well,it is unfortunate that this sort of indulgence will not get one anywhere in terms of life chances. sad, very sad.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bhagyadevatha...Sathyan Anthikad

Saw Bhagyadevatha is directed by Sathyan Anthikad, the director who freshened the minds of the Malayali with green fields, brooks, rustic life, village outposts and family drama. After meandering through slightly weak urban based themes like Kochu Kochu Santhoshangal, Yathrakarude Shraddhakyai and the immensely forgettable Innathe Chintavishayam (which means something to think about in these times..what were we supposed to think about? how in the world could three cool women fall in love with a pudgy guy and fight over him???? C'mon) Sathyan has returned to his small village to find solace in the simpletons and their intrigues. But unlike the villagers in the earlier films, today Sathyan's hero is a greedy cable guy for whom dowry is the big draw...not the bride. The storyline is rather predictable but Jayaram has done a wonderful job...you hate him every minute of the movie...a real class act.Naren is the perfect guy as always. the rest of the cast are a bit type cast and so seem stale. O yes and the setting is Christian which is a good ploy as audiences are tired of seeing Hindu dowry sagas. The ending is highly predictable...no prizes for guessing it. All said and done, it is good film especially with the slight surprises.

about love and hate...

As the saying goes...there is just a thin line dividing love and hate. sometimes the two are so close so as to feel like an extension of the other. There are times of my life when as an individual, I have been rather snooty about sharing myself, knowledge, happiness and physical presence with others who I felt were beneath me. Going back to those days I do feel amused by the cockiness and the presumption I displayed. But often these are the people who are genuine in their likes and their overtures emanate from a true desire for company. But now looking back I rue the lost chance of making wonderful friends sooner. Better late than never. This post is for many others like me who thought the people around them were uncool and not worth befriending. our life is only as long the breath we take..that breath to the next is a long time..let's not clog it with hate, pride or cold shoulders. Encompass all in your happiness and don't expect anything in return...In a while, you will be the happiest person on Earth!!! Enjoy

Thursday, June 4, 2009

thomosootye patharathe vittoda ........

Well, looks like it is the season of sequels. A much forgotten movie (I have a faint remembrance of hearing its name; sorry if it offends hardcore red fans) called Irupathaam Nootandu (20th century), has been sequalised as Sagar alias Jackie, starring of course, Mohanlal (after all who else can have such thundering titles – exception Kalabhavan Mani). Since we didn’t have much of a trust in Sagar or Jackie (or even Bhagawan), we don’t know whether it has anything to recapitulate the storyline of its precedent. But along with this superhit –aspirant, there was another sequel, the prequel of which brought smiles to many a face so that its catchphrases and songs remained alive without the help of a sequel these 18 years.

            To Harihar Nagar presents the foursome coolsome – Mahadevan [Mukesh], Govindankutty [Siddique], Appukuttan [Jagadish] and Thomaskutty [Asokan] – back together for Thomaskutty’s wedding. It is not a sequel in the sense of continuation of the first part. In Harihar Nagar makes its presence felt mainly through the characters and occasional recollection of past events, especially during the denouement. Also, the songs are remixed versions of the originals; in fact there is only one new song!  The pace and picturization of the songs indeed reflect the changes (are there changes???) wrought in the protagonists --- the four boys in their late teens or twenties (??) have graduated to mature (?) men with career and family. But when they get together after 18 years, they feel the need to assure themselves that they are the same, that family responsibilities have not bogged them down to a workaday routine. So they decide to retrieve their good old days in the span of 10 days at the end of which, they will be (re) united with their families, to witness the last bachelor Thomaskutty being initiated into the raptures and ruptures of  family life. Nevertheless changes there are. In these 18 years money has proved its importance in one's life to the extent of challenging anything and everything held sacred and close to heart,  and an old memory comes live again. 

            Wondering about all those question marks? … Well we were just discussing. In Harihar Nagar has these four guys trying to pass time by chasing girls, and falling prey to unnecessary problems thanks to their wily ways to woo a girl. Nothing of their educational background is mentioned. Cut to 2009 (supposedly 18 years have passed in between). Now one is in Dubai (believable); one is an engineer and another doctor !!! Well, in 2009 they must at least be 40 years of age? If so, 18 years ago they were 22 years of age.  So could one become an engineer and a doctor even after one has crossed the age of graduation? Well, no questions in a story !!!! Whatever be the discrepancies an entertainer is an entertainer…. And In as well as To Harihar Nagar do not fail to make one laugh out loud … kudos to the team, who brought them back ! And kudos to all friendships that the stand the test of time and money !

Monday, May 25, 2009

cheaply seeing my little world

Setting out to discover what was anyway mine
Today, I thought... there are tour packages available to travel the world but what about the little district that iI have lived in for the last 25 years of my life? So armed with a mobile phone cum camera and just 100 rupees (not more than 3 dollars) my ultimate buddy and I boarded the local bus.. Ananthapuri KSRTC and set off.
What I saw was an anthropological revelation. In a Town renowned for its poker- stuck -up- the- ass- attitude , the stretch from All Saints' College to Puthenthope near the beach was a refreshing sight. vast tracts of uninhabited land...interspersed with lavish houses that were painted in some atrocious colours..churches every few metres... the land was definitely quite under the baking sun but it crackled with life as though waiting to tell  story to anyone who would listen. we listened and enjoyed. there were soapbox junctions too. The people were lively and brightly dressed as though making up for the rather bland colour scheme of the country. During this journey that lasted an hour, we realised a depth of jaded silence in ourselves that is soothed by the murmer of the sea that lies just beyond. Beyond the city lies a world lying  in wait for you...Go discover it and yourself. It just cost us Rs-28/-